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    Belgium Brand. NATTOU Baby Comforter Doudou. Blue Dog / Rhino

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    Wrap your little one in the snuggly embrace of Nattous Blue Dog / Rhino Doudou - the perfect companion for newborns seeking comfort and warmth.

    Introducing the NATTOU Baby Comforter Doudou in Blue Dog / Rhino design! This comforter doudou is specially crafted for newborns, providing them with the softest and most comfortable snuggle buddy they could ever ask for. Made by Nattou, a leading brand in baby products worldwide, this blue dog comforter doudou is designed with love and care to ensure that your little one feels safe and secure at all times. The plush material of this adorable doudou offers both tactile stimulation and soothing properties which make it an indispensable item when it comes to your child's early years. Get your hands on this must-have accessory today and give your baby the gift of unconditional love!

    • The Nattou Baby Comforter Doudou is the perfect companion for newborns, providing a sense of comfort and security
    • Made with highquality materials, this blue dog comforter doudou is soft and gentle on delicate skin
    • With its adorable design and soothing texture, it can help calm fussy babies during naptime or bedtime
    • With an opening in which parents can slip their finger and bring the comforter to life
    • This Nattou baby comforter doudou makes for an ideal gift for new parents looking to provide their little ones with a cozy companion they'll cherish for years to come

    The comforter doudou is a baby's first friend and an indispensable companion from birth. Comforters are particularly suitable for newborns and premature babies. They have many grasping possibilities for small hands. A pacifier holder is attached to make the comforter more suitable for babies' everyday life. Maintenance-friendly: machine washable at 30°C

    Tip: Buy two at once- so you can alternate when one of the comforters is in the washing machine and avoid tears when your little one is without one.

    About Nattou Nattou is a Belgian brand of baby products that has specialised in the production of high-quality cuddly toys, educational toys, practical accessories and essentials for over 30 years. Nattou is Vegan certified and acquired the PETA-Approved Vegan logo. which means that Nattou doesn’t use any animal materials and doesn't conduct tests on animals.

    ✅ Top benefits of a comforter doudou:-

    1. Soft and supple comforter doudou- Playmate and comforting cuddly friend in difficult times- Suitable for newborns and premature babies
    2. Ideal for the development of gross and fine motor skills- thanks to the grasping possibilities: head with ears- bows and labels
    3. Practical detail: attachment for the dummy



    Product size: 27cm * 27cm

    Weight : 100g

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    Belgium Brand. NATTOU Baby Comforter Doudou. Blue Dog / Rhino

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