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    Belgium Brand. Noukie Baby Comforter Doudou Snuggle Buddy

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    Noukie Baby Comforter Snuggle Buddy - a sensory delight for newborns! Crafted from soft and sturdy Veloudoux polyester, this comforting doudou with puppet features quality labels that stimulate your baby's senses. 

    Behold, the wonder that is the Noukie Baby Comforter Snuggle Buddy! This extraordinary snuggle companion is not your run-of-the-mill comforter. No, it's a soft and reassuring masterpiece designed especially for newborns to awaken their senses in the most delightful way possible. Prepare to be amazed as your little one explores the captivating labels adorning this comforting creature, providing an abundance of sensory stimulation. Crafted with love and care using top-notch Veloudoux polyester, this comforter ensures both softness and sturdiness - a match made in snuggling heaven! But here's where things get truly enchanting: hidden within lies a magical compartment that can transform this sweet buddy into a puppet! Slip your finger inside this secret opening, and watch as joy fills your baby's eyes with every playful interaction. And fear not about losing precious pacifier with our easy-to-use Velcro fastener; simply attach it to the doudou without any worries at all. With dimensions perfect for tiny hands to grasp firmly yet comfortably snugly together, these charming companions come in classic white or pretty pink hues - because who said style should be limited when it comes to newborn snuggles? So don't wait another moment – gift your little bundle of joy the ultimate cuddle buddy experience today with our Noukie Baby Comforter Snuggle Buddy!

    • Soft and Reassuring Comforter: This newborn comforter is crafted with soft and sturdy Veloudoux polyester, providing a gentle touch for your little one's delicate skin
    • Stimulate Baby's Senses: With its colorful labels and sensory stimulation features, this snuggle buddy will engage and entertain your baby, promoting their cognitive development
    • Convenient Velcro Fastener: The practical Velcro fastener allows you to easily attach the pacifier, ensuring it stays close to your baby at all times

     Noukie's is a brand that was born in 1996 in Belgium. Specialist for babies, she offers a wide range with the doudou, plush, clothing, childcare, mattresses, toy of awakening... Whatever it takes to accommodate baby in softness.


    White: 33*33 cm

    Pink: 25*25 cm 

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    Belgium Brand. Noukie Baby Comforter Doudou Snuggle Buddy

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