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    Super Soft Baby Animal Round Rattle in 6 adorable designs

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    Encourage your little ones to explore the world of touch and sound with our Soft Baby Round Rattle - the perfect sensory toy for developing fine motor skills.

    Our rattle toy is an exceptional sensory toy designed for your little one's development. This soft and comfortable rattle is the perfect addition to any baby's collection, providing a fun way to stimulate their senses and fine motor skills as they grow. It features a round shape that makes it easy for tiny hands to grasp onto, while its soft texture ensures comfort during playtime or nap time. Made with high-quality materials to guarantee durability, you can rest assured that this will be your baby’s favourite toy and companion in no time!

    • Our Soft Baby Round Rattle is a gentle and soothing sensory toy that will help your little one develop their tactile skills
    • Made from soft materials, this rattle is perfect for delicate hands to grasp, improving fine motor skills in babies
    • With its round shape and cute design, our Soft Baby Round Rattle makes for an adorable addition to any nursery or playroom
    • This soft toy rattle provides hours of entertainment while encouraging cognitive development and hand eye coordination in infants

    This is super cute soft toy rattle. Together with its muted pleasing colours, this toy will help to attract the infant's attention as well as develop their sense of hearing. 

    This toy is designed with great attention to detail. Super soft to touch. Colour pleasant to the eye. Rattling sound would encourage fine motor skills of baby when he repeatedly move rattle. Fantastic sensory toy for the baby.

    There are many cute varieties in this collection. Check them all out.


    Product size: 16cm * 10cm

    Weight : 100g

    🎈1 soft rattle 

     Top benefits of a rattle:-

    1. Develop the little one’s auditory and rhythmic perceptions because of its attractive sound.
    2. Teaches cause and effect Lightly moving a rattle usually activates a sound, which provides immediate auditory feedback. By providing instant feedback, babies learn that their actions (moving the rattle) cause a reaction (sound). Because rattles are so easy to operate, they are the first toys that show babies they can manipulate their environment.
    3. And when babies reach for the rattle, this simple exercise plays an important role in baby's development. Babies will very soon realise that they are capable of holding and moving the object. As simple as it may seem, it is with this activity that the baby’s hearing, sight, motor coordination and reasoning skills are strengthened

    Rattles encourage curiosity, observation, and manipulation, which lead to learning. They are one of the first toys that a baby can manipulate independently.


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    Super Soft Baby Animal Round Rattle in 6 adorable designs

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