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    US Brand TOYZE Letter Matching Game, Teaches Word Recognition, Spelling, and Increases Memory

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    Unlock the power of words with TOYZEs Matching Letter game - where education and fun collide for preschoolers, building word recognition, spelling mastery and a memory boost!

    Introducing the US Brand TOYZE Letter Matching Game, an educational game that teaches word recognition, spelling and enhances memory skills for preschoolers. It's designed to keep your child engaged as they learn the alphabet in a fun and interactive way. This matching letter game is perfect for parents who want to help their children improve language development while enjoying quality time together. With this game, your little one will develop better cognitive abilities such as analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The TOYZE letter matching game is not just any typical product; it's a tool that aids in your child’s academic journey with delightful gameplay!

    • The TOYZE Letter Matching Game is an educational and fun tool for preschoolers to learn word recognition, spelling, and memory skills
    • With its matching letter format, this game encourages children to develop essential language abilities in a playful way
    • By playing regularly, kids can improve their cognitive functions like attention span and concentration
    • Perfect for parents who want their children to have an enjoyable learning experience that helps them build foundational skills necessary for academic success
    • Perfect For Preschoolers: Matching Letter helps develop memory skills, strategic thinking, sociability, spelling, and increases word recognition
    • Educational and Enjoyable: Allows children to make the connection between objects and their names while having fun with the flashcards and letter cubes
    • Multiple Benefits: Not only does this activity teach spelling and memorisation, but it helps children advance hand and eye coordination and their ability to play together
    • Family Fun: Game is for 2 or more players, great for parents and children to play together.

    Suitable for kids ages 3 and up

    Material: Plastic

    Box size: 27 * 26 * 5 cm

    Weight: 500g


    🎈Matching Letter game tray

    🎈52 alphabet blocks

    🎈23 number blocks

    🎈30 picture cards

    🎈10 number cards

    Shipping from Singapore

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    US Brand TOYZE Letter Matching Game, Teaches Word Recognition, Spelling, and Increases Memory

    $15.90 SGD