Hangin' with my Homies 2: The Wild World of Hanging Soft Toys and Teethers

It's time to talk again about the unsung heroes of the baby toy world - hanging soft toy animals and silicone teethers. These guys might not be as flashy as the high-tech hanging toys or as weird as the hanging sushi rolls (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?), but they've got heart. And by heart, I mean they're really good at getting slobbered on.

Let's start with the hanging soft toy animals. These guys are the perfect combination of cute and cuddly, with just the right amount of dangly bits to keep your baby entertained. They're also incredibly loyal - I once saw a group of them band together to ward off an invading stuffed animal that had snuck its way into the crib. Talk about a gang you can count on.

But let's not forget about the real MVPs of the hanging toy world - silicone teethers. These little guys are a godsend when your baby is going through the teething phase. They're soft, chewy, and soothing for those achy gums. And let's be honest - they're also a little weird looking. I mean, have you seen some of these teether designs? There's the avocado-shaped one that looks like it's been squished, the donut-shaped one that looks too delicious to chew on, and the one that looks like a miniature toilet (I'm not even kidding).

But here's the thing - your baby doesn't care about how weird their teether looks. They just want to chomp on it and feel better. And hanging teethers? They're like a two-for-one deal - your baby gets something to chew on, and something to bat at with their little hands.

So, the next time you're setting up your baby's crib with hanging soft toy animals and silicone teethers, remember that these guys are the real stars of the show. They might not have flashing lights or catchy tunes, but they've got heart (and slobber).