Flower Power! How Plant Observation and Flower Press Kits Turned My Kids into Green Thumbs (Sort Of)


Do your kids spend too much time glued to screens and not enough time in nature? Do you wish they would develop a love for plants and flowers like you do? Well, have no fear - the plant observation kit and flower press kit are here!

At first, my kids were skeptical when I presented them with these kits. "What is this, Mom? Homework?" my daughter groaned. But I knew that once they got a taste of the great outdoors, they would be hooked. And I was right - sort of.

The plant observation kit was a great way to get my kids excited about nature. They loved using the magnifying glass to inspect the growing of the roots, leaves, stems, and flowers of different plants. My son loves the clear container which allows him to watch the roots grow through the soil a little each day. And when we found a caterpillar on one of our plants, my daughter declared herself its protector and insisted we check on it every day.

But let's be real - the real star of the show was the flower press kit. My kids were amazed at how flat and beautiful the flowers looked after being pressed for a few days. They took great pride in choosing which flowers to press, and my daughter even started giving them as gifts to her friends (which I'm sure thrilled their parents).

Of course, there were some hiccups along the way. My son accidentally stepped on a flower he wanted to press, and my daughter's impatient nature led to some crumbly, not-quite-pressed-enough flowers. But we all had a good laugh about it and learned some valuable lessons about patience and gentleness.

And the best part? My kids actually started taking an interest in our garden and asking questions about the different plants we had. My son even suggested we plant some flowers specifically for pressing. It may not be a full-fledged love for gardening, but it's a start.

So if you're looking for a way to get your kids interested in nature, give the plant observation kit and flower press kit a try. And if all else fails, you can always bribe them with the promise of homemade flower bookmarks and cards. Hey, whatever works!