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    Plant Observation Kit. Montessori Educational Science Toy.

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    Explore the wonders of nature with MiDeers Plant Observation Kit - where budding biologists can watch their love for science grow alongside their plants. Complete with a plant observation stand and growth chart booklet, this Montessori toy offers an innovative way to inspire curiosity and cultivate a green thumb.

    Introduce your young ones to the world of biology and spark a lasting curiosity with the MiDeer Plant Observation Kit. This Montessori and science toy provides budding biologists with an interactive learning experience that is both fun and educational. The kit comes equipped with a plant observation stand, which makes it easy for children to observe their plants up close as they grow, and a growth chart booklet that allows them to track each stage of development. With this kit, your children can learn about nature practically while developing essential scientific skills such as observation, analysis, and data recording. Bring some greenery into your child's life today!

    • Encourage budding biologists to explore the world of plants with the MiDeer Plant Observation Kit
    • The plant observation stand allows for easy and organized viewing of different types of plants
    • Keep track of your plant's growth progress with the included growth chart booklet
    • This Montessori and science toy is a fun way to teach children about nature and biology while promoting handson learning

     For all your budding biologists & ecologists! This kit is fantastic for your children who love science and nature. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Children will be amazed and encouraged to study the plants, watching the leaves, roots, flowers and fruits grow. Through the observation stand, they can watch and chart the plant's every growth.

    For English Manual, please message us, we will send you the English version

    Material: Plastic, Paper

    Box size: 26.3*20.8*7.5 cm

    Product size: 26.1*20.6*7.3cm 

    Weight: 500g


    🎈1 plant observation stand

    🎈some seedling soil (recommended to get more from the nursery)

    🎈6 seeds packet to start off with

    🎈1 growth chart booklet

    🎈2 paper signs

    🎈1 shovel

    🎈1 water spring

    🎈1 piece of string

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    Plant Observation Kit. Montessori Educational Science Toy.

    $39.90 SGD
    $15.50 SGD