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    German Brand. Baby Bath play balls. Jingle Toy. Rattle Toy.

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    Make a splash with German Brands Baby Bath Play Balls, the perfect jingle toy and rattle toy for little ones to enhance their fine motor skills!

    Introducing the German Brand's Baby Bath Play Balls, a unique and fun addition to your baby's bath time routine. These jingle toys are toys for toddlers designed to entertain your little one with their bright colors and gentle sounds, while also improving their fine motor skills as they try to grab hold of these playful rattles. Made from high-quality materials, these baby bath toys are safe for your child to play with in the water; providing endless hours of joy and stimulation. Buy this reliable companion today for a splash-tastic bathroom experience!

    • German Brand baby bath play balls are perfect for keeping your little one entertained during bath time while also promoting their fine motor skills development
    • The jingle toy and rattle toy from this brand will engage your baby's senses with their fun sounds, textures, and bright colors
    • Made from highquality materials, these toys are safe for babies to use and easy to clean after use in the tub
    • With a range of different designs available, you can choose the perfect German Brand toy to suit your child's personality and interests

    A set of 2 bath play balls from Germany. Babies can play with them during bath or out of water as a jingle balls. 

    🎈They are colorful and easy-to-grap, the chimming rattle encourage baby to hold and practise fine motor skill.

    🎈There are sprinkling holes at the bottom of the ball helps to reduce fear of water while letting baby have a fun and enjoyable bath time.

    Material: Plastic

    Product size: 10cm diameter

    Weight: 100g

    Include: 2 bath ball toy in a box

    Shipping from Singapore

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    German Brand. Baby Bath play balls. Jingle Toy. Rattle Toy.

    $15.90 SGD
    $12.90 SGD