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    Big Piece Baby Toddler Children Jigsaw Puzzle Book

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    Unlock your child's potential with the challenging and educational Big Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Book.

    Introducing the Big Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Book, an innovative puzzle book that combines play and learning in a stimulating way. It features large, easy-to-handle jigsaw pieces that are perfect for little hands to hold and put together. This ensures your child's hand-eye coordination is developed while they enjoy spending time solving puzzles. The puzzle book also contains vivid images of animals, vehicles and lots more! These illustrations serve as valuable tools for early learning by promoting word recognition skills and improving cognitive abilities in young children. The durable pages of this educational product can withstand rough handling from curious minds making it the perfect addition to any family library or classroom. With the Big Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Book, watching your child grow leaps from one level of knowledge to another becomes effortless while providing them loads of fun at the same time!

    • Enhance cognitive development and problem-solving skills in children through the challenging yet rewarding experience of assembling big piece jigsaw puzzles
    • Foster creativity, imagination and spatial awareness as kids engage with colourful illustrations while piecing together each puzzle
    • Encourage early learning by introducing young minds to various themes such as animals, nature and transportation in a fun and interactive way
    • Promote family bonding time by involving parents or caregivers in the activity, providing an opportunity for quality time spent together while also promoting educational growth

    Material: Thickened cardboard
    Box size: 17.5*14.5*3cm
    Product size: please refer to image
    Weight: 0.7g
    Include: 6 puzzles in each book, please refer to image

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    Big Piece Baby Toddler Children Jigsaw Puzzle Book