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    Bus Color and Shapes Sorting Toy. Montessori inspired Wooden Puzzle

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    Enhance Playtime with the Bus Color and Shapes Sorting Toy!

    If you're in search of an enthralling and educational pastime to captivate your child's creativity, look no further than our Bus Color and Shapes Sorting Toy! This inventive montessori wooden puzzle toy seamlessly blends learning with enjoyment, making it an outstanding addition to your child's playtime activities. 

    Discover Shapes and Colors: Begin by acquainting your child with the charming wooden blocks and vibrant color cards. These lively cards neatly fit beneath the wooden blocks, forming an array of color shapes. Immerse yourselves in a world of shapes and hues by teaching your child the names of various shapes and colors.

    Interactive Learning: Motivate your child to actively engage by identifying shapes and colors as you present the cards and blocks. It's a montessori inspired bidirectional learning experience where both of you explore and learn together. 

    Progressive Play Levels:

    Match the Correct Color Shape: Commence with the "Match the Correct Color Shape" level. During this phase, your child matches the appropriate card to the corresponding shape, guided by your prompts. For instance, you can task them with finding the "red circle" and observe as they choose the red card and the circle-shaped block. Repeat this process until they grasp the concept and can construct any color shape they desire.

    Shape and Color Challenge!: As your child's skills advance, introduce the "Shape and Color Challenge!" level. Here, they must arrange wooden blocks by shape and cards by color in a specific sequence. The included instruction cards will lead them through this thrilling challenge, promoting focus and attention to detail.

    Speed Challenge: For added excitement and a higher level of play, encourage your child to complete the sequence challenge within a designated time frame. Consider using an hourglass or stopwatch for an additional element of fun.

    Throughout this absorbing activity, offer positive reinforcement and commendation to enhance your child's confidence and learning experience. With the Bus Color and Shapes Sorting Toy, your child can relish hands-on fun while cultivating vital shape and color recognition skills. Transform learning into an adventure they'll treasure with this delightful educational montessori toy. Secure yours today!

    Material: Wood

    Product dimensions: Please refer to the image

    Weight: 400g

    Ships from Singapore

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    Bus Color and Shapes Sorting Toy. Montessori inspired Wooden Puzzle

    $15.90 SGD