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    Children Kaleidoscope Children STEM Science Exploration Toy

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    Unlock the wonders of symmetry with MiDeer Children Kaleidoscope - where education and play come together in a colorful display.

    Introduce your child to the fascinating world of symmetry with MiDeer's Children Kaleidoscope - an educational toy that sparks curiosity and creativity. With its unique kaleidoscopic lens, this science toy transforms ordinary objects into breathtaking patterns and shapes, providing hours of entertainment while developing their visual perception skills.

    Made from high-quality materials, the MiDeer Children Kaleidoscope is durable enough to withstand playful exploration while being compact enough to take on-the-go. Inspire your child's imagination and stimulate their senses with this innovative science toy – a must-have for every curious mind!

    • Educational toy that teaches children about the concept of symmetry in a fun and interactive way
    • Made with high quality materials, these children's science toy is durable and safe for little hands to use
    • With its bright colors and mesmerizing designs, provides endless hours of entertainment while also promoting cognitive development

    Look through the eyepiece and experience the magic with a Kaleidoscope. First invented in 1816, the kaleidoscope became one of the ever-lasting childhood memory for both the old and young for the past 206 years.

    Enjoy the infinite color patterns by just rotating the barrel. Each turn creates a magical, intricate and symmetrical mosaic that dazzles and delights children of all ages.

    Learn the beauty of symmetry with kids' own eyes with our kaleidoscope - 🎈 A great educational toy for learning and entertainment as well as fostering kids' creativity and inspiring their imagination.

    Material : Paper

    Product size: 17*4.9cm

    Weight: 60g

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Children Kaleidoscope Children STEM Science Exploration Toy