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    Children room nursery storage wardrobe closet

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    Introducing the eco-friendly and whimsically designed Little Explorer Children's Closet Wardrobe Storage Unit, crafted with care from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This innovative material not only ensures durability but also promotes sustainability, making it the perfect choice for conscientious parents who prioritise both the environment and their child's well-being.

    Key Features:

    1. Flexible Configuration:

    • Adapt the wardrobe effortlessly with the option for a single rod or double rod configuration, providing a versatile solution as your child's wardrobe evolves over time.

    2. Charming Curtains:

    • Transform the closet into a delightful hideaway with the included curtains, adding a touch of magic while keeping the contents neatly concealed. 

    3. Open Shelves for Display:

    • Showcase your child's favourite items on the open shelves for a charming yet sustainable storage solution in this children closet wardrobe.

    4. Shelves with Doors:

    • Store items discreetly in shelves with eco-friendly HDPE plastic doors, combining functionality with an environmentally conscious design.

    5. Dedicated Jacket Hanging:

    • Hang jackets on dedicated rods crafted from HDPE plastic, ensuring durability and safety for your child's belongings.

    6. Shoe Placement Area:

    • The designated shoe placement area is not only practical but also promotes organization, made from easy-to-maintain HDPE plastic for stress-free cleaning.

    7. Durable and Safe Construction:

    • Crafted from eco-friendly HDPE plastic, the Little Explorer Children's Closet Wardrobe Storage Unit is not only durable but also safe for your child. Rounded edges and child-safe finishes enhance the overall safety of the wardrobe.

    8. Easy Assembly:

    • Assembling the unit is a breeze with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included, ensuring a smooth setup process for parents while maintaining the eco-friendly standard of HDPE plastic.

    Material: HDPE

    Product size: 132*115*53cm for details please refer to image

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    Children room nursery storage wardrobe closet

    $250.00 SGD
    $225.00 SGD