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    Colour droppers and cups set. Montessori inspired learning

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    Unlock a world of sensory exploration and cognitive development with our Colour Droppers and Cups Set. Watch fine motor skills blossom through play-based learning!

    Introducing our sensational Colour Droppers and Cups Set, a must-have for little ones on their educational journey! Designed to enhance fine motor skills and cognitive development, this set offers endless hours of sensory play. Each dropper and cup combo encourages sensory exploration through tactile learning, allowing children to engage in play-based learning while having a blast. These Montessori-inspired toys promote early childhood development by improving hand-eye coordination as little fingers squeeze the droppers to transfer vibrant colors into the cups. Watch as your child's motor skills blossom with every joyful drop! Enjoy the educational side of our Montessori ABC toys today! 

    • Enhance fine motor skills through sensory play with our Colour Droppers and Cups Set
    • Foster cognitive development and sensory exploration with this educational toy
    • Promote learning through play by developing motor skills and tactile learning abilities
    • Support early childhood development, hand-eye coordination, and a love for play-based learning with Montessori-inspired toys like the Colour Droppers and Cups Set

    Material: ABS

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 250g


    🎈4 colour droppers

    🎈4 colour cups

    🎈4 food colouring

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    Colour droppers and cups set. Montessori inspired learning

    $15.90 SGD
    $10.50 SGD