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    TOI Construction 24pc Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Display Tray

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    Build a foundation for imagination and skill with TOI Construction - the perfect introductory puzzle for your little builder.

    Introduce your little ones to the world of puzzles with the TOI Construction Wooden Puzzle. This 24-piece wooden puzzle is perfect for beginners and offers endless hours of entertainment. Made from high-quality wood, this jigsaw puzzle boasts a durable design ensuring that it will stand up to even the most enthusiastic playtimes. Each piece has been carefully crafted with precision and fits together perfectly. The included storage tray makes cleaning up after playtime quick and easy while also making sure those loose puzzle pieces don't go missing! With its fun construction theme, these children's toy brand is guaranteed to provide both educational value and heaps of enjoyment for your little one.

    • The TOI Construction wooden puzzle is a great beginner jigsaw puzzle that helps develop your child's problem solving skills
    • Made from high quality wood, these children's toy brand offers durability and longevity for hours of playtime
    • With 24 pieces and a convenient storage tray, this wooden puzzle provides endless entertainment while promoting tidy habits
    • As an educational tool, the TOI Construction wooden puzzle encourages hand eye coordination and spatial awareness in young minds

    This is a 24 piece wooden puzzle with storage/ display tray. This is a beginner jigsaw puzzle that is perfect for the little ones to start and get motivated on puzzle game. With just 24 pieces, children will feel a sense of achievement in completing a puzzle of this size on their own for the first time. This construction scene is filled with rich and colourful content specially designed by TOI designers to captivate children's attention and interest.  

    Material of this puzzle is made of high and durable quality for lasting play. Edges are smooth and burr free for the safety and comfort of your kids.

    TOI is a specialised toy brand that focuses on children jigsaw and board games for children age 0-8 years old. They gathered designers from United States, Poland, France and China in their creations.

    Material: wood

    Finished puzzle size: 30*22.5cm

    Weight: 470g


    🎈1 wooden tray

    🎈24 piece puzzles

    Shipping from Singapore

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    TOI Construction 24pc Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Display Tray

    $22.90 SGD
    $14.90 SGD