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    Wooden Number Matching Board. Montessori Math Toy

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    Unlock the power of numbers with our Montessori-inspired Wooden Number Matching Board - where learning meets playtime!

    Introduce your child to the exciting world of numbers with our Wooden Number Matching Board, a Montessori Math Toy designed for developing cognitive and fine motor skills. Our board features beautiful natural solid wood construction, perfect for sensitive little fingers. With numbered tiles for matching and recognition, this toy is the ideal way to help your child understand basic mathematical concepts while also improving their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Whether you are a parent or teacher looking to supplement an educational program, or simply want to provide stimulating playtime activities at home, our Wooden Number Matching Board is sure to delight both children and adults alike!

    • Enhance your child's number recognition and counting skills with our Wooden Number Matching Board, perfect for Montessoristyle learning
    • Designed to improve fine motor skills, this natural solid wood toy is a great way to encourage handson play and creativity in children
    • Made from high quality materials that are both durable and safe for kids of all ages, this math toy is sure to provide hours of educational fun
    • With its simple yet engaging design, the Wooden Number Matching Board makes an excellent addition to any homeschooling curriculum or classroom setting

    This is a specially designed number correlation board. Children can learn to recognise the number 0-9 and the corresponding quantity of the number while playing.

    Fine motor skills are also strengthened when the children match the correct pieces together. By doing, this can also exercise their concentration and focus skills.

    The puzzle is made from high quality natural solid wood which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each smooth, polished and burr-free piece can fit well into place. The sizes of the pieces are fitted to suit the toddlers' hands.

    Material: Wood

    Product size: 21*28cm (when all matching numbers are placed side by side) , for each set of wooden matching cards, please refer to image. Size of 1 set : 10.6 * 5.5cm

    Weight: 79g


    🎈10 wooden matching puzzles

    Shipping from Singapore

    ✅ Number recognition is an essential and first skill needed to solve basic mathematical problems. It is the ability to identify the number that corresponds with a quantity. This is also called number representation or number recognition. For example, it is the ability to identify that the symbol “8” refers to the word “eight” and a quantity of seven objects.

    ✅ Number sense is a person’s ability to understand, relate, and connect numbers. It is so important for your children because it promotes confidence and encourages flexible thinking. It allows your children to create a relationship with numbers and be able to talk about math as a language. 

    ✅ A strong number sense helps your children to build a foundation for mathematical understanding. If your children focus on developing their number sense at early grades, this will help them build the foundation needed to solve more complex problems at higher level. For your children to love mathematics, it all begins with a solid understanding of numbers.


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    Wooden Number Matching Board. Montessori Math Toy

    $11.90 SGD
    $6.90 SGD