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    Interactive Sensing Crawling Crab Tummy Time Infant Baby Toy with Music & Sound

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    Interactive Sensing Crab Baby Toy: A Musical Marvel for Tummy Time, Crawling, and Infant Fun - Perfect Birthday Gift!

    Introduce a world of excitement and development with our Sensing Interactive Walking Dancing Crab Toy – the ultimate companion for your baby's early milestones. This high-quality, adorable crab is not just a toy; it's an engaging tool designed to enhance sensory development, encourage crawling, and bring joy to your little one's playtime.

    1. Tummy Time and Crawling Wonder: Watch as your baby delights in tummy time with our Sensing Crab Baby Toy. The engaging crab not only captures their attention but also encourages them to lift their heads, strengthening neck muscles and fostering developmental milestones.

    2. Musical and Interactive Delight: The fun doesn't stop with crawling – our Musical Crab Toy plays interesting tunes while walking, captivating infants and prompting them to crawl. The combination of lights, sounds, and motion promotes body movement and limb coordination in an interactive and entertaining manner.

    3. Safe and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality ABS safety material with smooth edges, this Dancing Crab Toy is gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The soft light ensures eye protection, making it a durable and safe choice for endless playtime.

    4. Perfect Toddler Birthday Gift: Elevate celebrations with a meaningful gift! Our Sensing Walking Crab makes for a perfect birthday present for toddlers, offering entertainment and developmental benefits. Ideal for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, or any festive occasion.

    5. Early Educational Value: Beyond the fun, this crab serves as a valuable learning tool. With sensory induction features and Montessori-inspired activities, it engages your baby's senses and contributes to early educational development.

    6. Easy Charging Convenience: A USB charging cable is included with this toy crab for hassle-free charging. Simply connect it to a power bank, computer, or any power plugs inside your house for convenient and quick charging. No need for batteries – just charge and play!

    7. Obstacle Avoidance Technology: The Sensing Interactive Walking Dancing Crab is equipped with inbuilt sensors that allow it to intelligently avoid walls and obstacles. This ensures a seamless play experience and adds an extra layer of safety to your baby's adventures.

    Bring joy, music, and developmental progress to your baby's playtime with our Sensing Interactive Walking Dancing Crab Toy. Whether it's tummy time, crawling adventures, or a special birthday gift, this delightful crab is the perfect companion. Order now and make every moment a memorable learning experience!"

    Material: ABS 

    Product Size: 23*14cm

    Weight: 300g


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    Interactive Sensing Crawling Crab Tummy Time Infant Baby Toy with Music & Sound

    $24.90 SGD
    $15.90 SGD