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    Detective in Room Children Jigsaw Puzzle with Hidden Pic

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    Product description

    Unlock the power of fine motor skills and logical thinking with MiDeer Detective in Room Jumbo Floor Jigsaw Puzzles - where hidden pictures come to life for curious young minds!

    Looking for an exceptional toy that challenges your child's mental abilities and boosts their problem-solving skills? Look no further than the MiDeer Detective in Room Jumbo Floor Puzzle. This 42-piece puzzle has been designed to challenge young minds and encourage them to think logically while also improving fine motor skills.

    With its fun hidden picture game, this puzzle is perfect for kids who are looking for a more challenging experience. So if you want to give your child the gift of learning through play, be sure to order the MiDeer Detective in Room Jumbo Floor Jigsaw Puzzle today!

    • Develop fine motor skills while having fun
    • Perfect for enhancing logical thinking abilities in kids
    • The hidden picture game adds an extra layer of excitement to the already engaging puzzle experience
    • Invest in this entertaining and educational toy to keep your child engaged for hours while boosting their cognitive development

    This is a fun, colourful and lively rich jigsaw puzzle that encourages attention and curiosity. It is also a great family activity for parents to play with their kids. Children can develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, logical thinking and memory enhancement through this game. They are also encouraged to set goals and develop their patience in the process.

    Product features:

    • 【Find Where it is】-There are small objects around the borders of the puzzle for kids to spot. Name one object at random and ask your kid to find where it is using the magnifying glass, which helps improve observation skills.
    • 【Skills & Abilities】-Kids try to figure out a faster way to finish the puzzle and spot various objects, which will foster their logical thinking, observation, and reaction as well as cognitive & concentration skills.
    • 【Thick & Durable】-Each piece is 3mm thick, durable and wear resistant.
    • 【Smooth & No Burrs】-Each puzzle piece is smooth and burr-free, and so does the magnifying glass, encouraging safe hands-on play & learning fun.
    • 【Lovely & Colourful Designs】-This puzzle features brightly coloured, life-based designs, very appealing to little ones.

    Material: thickened cardboard paper

    Box Size: 25*25*5cm

    Finished puzzle size: 70*52cm

    Weight: 1.2kg


    🎈1 wooden magnifying glass

    🎈42 piece puzzles

    🎈1 box

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Detective in Room Children Jigsaw Puzzle with Hidden Pic

    $24.90 SGD
    $16.90 SGD