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    Double Sided Wooden Letter & Number Writing Board. Montessori Alphabet & Math Toy.

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    Unlock the power of learning with our Double Sided Wooden Letter & Number Writing Board - where math and language meet fine motor skills for a Montessori-inspired journey.

    Looking for a fun and educational toy that encourages your child's fine motor skills while learning the alphabet and numbers? Look no further than our Double Sided Wooden Letter & Number Writing Board. With its durable wooden construction, this Montessori alphabet & math toy is perfect for little hands to trace both letters and numbers with ease. Whether you're looking for a number tracing board or letter tracing board, this versatile learning tool has got you covered. The perfect way to introduce young learners to language and arithmetic concepts in an engaging way! Find out more Montessori abc puzzles from our collection page too!

    • Enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this Montessori math toy
    • The double-sided wooden board features number tracing on one side and letter tracing on the other
    • Perfect for young learners to practice writing their letters and numbers in a fun, interactive way
    • Provides an excellent foundation for early childhood education while promoting creativity and imagination

    This is a specially designed double sided number and letter tracing board. On one side children can learn to trace and write letters, while on the other side, they can learn to trace and write numbers.

    Fine motor skills are also strengthened when the children trace the number using the stylus along the number groove lines. Or small sensory items such as beans or rice can be used to line the inside of the grooves. By doing, this can also exercise their concentration and focus skills while having fun.

    The board is made from high quality natural solid wood which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each smooth, polished and burr-free.

    Material: Wood

    Box size: 22.5*19.5*1.5cm

    Product size: 22*18*0.8 cm

    Weight: 300g


    🎈1 double sided wooden board

    🎈1 wooden stylus

    🎈1 box

    Shipping from Singapore

    ✅ Letter manipulatives give children a way to interact with the alphabet through hands-on play. They are able to feel the shape of the letter and arrange multiple letters to form letter strings or words, and not just see the difference between different letters. They can also see and touch the curves & lines that come together to form each letter.

    ✅ Number recognition is an essential and first skill needed to solve basic mathematical problems. 

    ✅ A strong number sense helps your children to build a foundation for mathematical understanding. If your children focus on developing their number sense at early grades, this will help them build the foundation needed to solve more complex problems at higher level. For your children to love mathematics, it all begins with a solid understanding of numbers.

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    Double Sided Wooden Letter & Number Writing Board. Montessori Alphabet & Math Toy.

    $16.90 SGD
    $12.90 SGD