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    Edible (Can be cooked) Coloured Rice for Sensory Play 500g

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    Nurture young imaginations and foster sensory development with our 500g of edible colored rice. Dive into a world of play-based learning and tactile fun!

    Prepare to embark on an extraordinary sensory adventure with our meticulously crafted Edible Coloured Rice. This 500g pack is not your usual run-of-the-mill rice - it's designed to cultivate a sense of wonder and engage young minds in imaginative play like never before. Watch as their fingers dance through the vibrant hues, exploring the textures and bringing their wildest fantasies to life. Not only does this captivating sensory material promote fine motor skills and early learning development, but it also opens doors to endless possibilities for play-based learning that will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. Best of all? Our non-toxic formulation ensures both safety standards are met while giving you peace of mind as they dive headfirst into this stimulating experience. Let curiosity soar today with our trusted Edible Coloured Rice - where joy meets education!

    • Ignite a world of imagination and creativity with our Edible Coloured Rice, providing endless opportunities for sensory play-based learning
    • Nurture early cognitive development through the exploration of vibrant colors and diverse textures in our edible rice, fostering a stimulating sensory experience
    • Engage little hands in tactile play as they pour, grasp, and manipulate the non-toxic grains of rice, supporting the development of fine motor skills
    • Create an immersive sensory environment with our safe and non-toxic Edible Coloured Rice that stimulates touch and visual senses for toddlers' sensory exploration
    Weight: 500g
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    Edible (Can be cooked) Coloured Rice for Sensory Play 500g