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    Food Grade Silicone Scoop and Bowl Sand Sensory Play Tool

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    Introducing our exclusive set of Food Grade Silicone Scoops and Bowls, a sensory delight designed to elevate the joys of sand play for kids and toddlers. This set includes three expertly crafted scoops and three versatile bowls, each meticulously engineered to enhance the scooping and pouring experience during sensory play or sand play.

    Crafted from food-grade silicone, these sensory tools offer a safe and durable solution for playtime exploration. The specially designed scoops are perfect for tiny hands, fostering fine motor skills as children engage in the delightful task of scooping and pouring sand. The set of bowls, featuring a variety of sizes, includes a unique sieve bowl that adds an extra layer of excitement to the sensory play experience.

    Benefits of sensory play are abundant, and this set ensures an enriching playtime for your child. Sensory play promotes cognitive development, enhances creativity, and improves hand-eye coordination. As children scoop, pour, and sift sand through the bowls, they engage their senses, fostering a deeper understanding of texture, weight, and spatial relationships.

    Our Food Grade Silicone Scoop and Bowl Set is a must-have for parents seeking educational and entertaining toys. The vibrant colours, coupled with the tactile nature of silicone, create a multi-sensory experience that captivates and stimulates young minds.

    Invest in your child's development with this thoughtfully designed sensory tool set. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the versatility of these scoops and bowls ensures hours of imaginative play. Bring the benefits of sensory play into your child's world and watch as they discover, explore, and learn through the joy of sensory or sand play.

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    Food Grade Silicone Scoop and Bowl Sand Sensory Play Tool