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    Bubble Glove, Blower & Tray. STEM Toy with bubbles

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    Bubble Glove - the STEM toy that makes learning a bubble-filled adventure! Your child will explore science in a fun and engaging way. Get ready to pop into a world of discovery with Bubble Glove!

    Introducing our Bubble Glove which will take your child's imagination on an adventurous ride. The Bubble Gloves are not just any regular gloves; they come with a unique bubble solution that transforms them into magical devices for creating whimsical bubbles of all shapes and sizes. Equipped with a bubble blower, these gloves will keep your kids entertained for hours while promoting their cognitive growth and hand-eye coordination skills. Give your little ones the gift of creativity and fun with this one-of-a-kind toy!

    If you’ve ever bounced a bubble, you know that it all comes down to using the right pair of gloves. The oil on your hands keeps you from being able to hold onto or even squeeze a bubble without it popping. With these one size fits most bubble gloves, you’ll become a master bubble-ologist in absolutely no time.

    How Does It Work?

    Bubble gloves provide just the right amount of cushion (and don’t have all the oil, dirt, and other contaminants that your skin does) so that you can actually touch and play with a bubble.

    What Does It Teach?

    The science of bubbles has to do with surface tension, some amazing bubble solution, and most importantly, fun!


    🎈1 pair of bubble glove

    🎈1 bottle of bubble solution

    🎈1 bubble blower

    🎈1 solution tray

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    Bubble Glove, Blower & Tray. STEM Toy with bubbles

    $12.90 SGD