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    Handmade Animal Crochet Rattle / Teether, Baby Toy

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    Crafted with love and playfulness in mind, our Handmade Animal Crochet Rattle/Teether is the perfect toy companion for your little one. With its soft crochet exterior and sustainable beech wood core, its a sensory experience that will stimulate their curiosity and soothe sore gums.

    Introducing our handmade animal crochet rattle and teether - a perfect addition to your little one's toy collection. Expertly crafted with high-quality yarns, this adorable crochet animal comes equipped with a beech wood ring that doubles as a soothing teether for sore gums. The soft texture of the crochet material provides sensory stimulation while also encouraging fine motor skills' development through grabbing and shaking. Our crocheted toy is safe for babies, and makes an excellent gift for baby showers or birthdays. Add some charm to your child's playtime routine with this timeless piece that will surely be cherished by both parents and children alike!

    • Our Handmade Animal Crochet Rattle/Teether is a safe and natural option for your baby's teething needs, made with beech wood and soft crochet material
    • The cute crochet animal design of the rattle will stimulate your baby's senses while providing a fun and playful toy to keep them entertained
    • This handcrafted rattle/teether offers both visual stimulation and tactile exploration for babies, promoting their cognitive development in an enjoyable way
    • With its durable construction and easytogrip shape, our Handmade Animal Crochet Rattle/Teether makes for the perfect addition to any new parent's collection of baby toys that are sure to last beyond just one child

    This is super cute hand-crafted crochet animal rattle. All of which comes with a bell in the animal that gives out a crisp sound when shaken. Together with its vibrant colours, this toy will help to attract the infant's attention as well as develop their sense of hearing. The size of the teether / rattle is designed to fit comfortably in the little one's hands.

    The wooden circle is designed with great attention to detail, each smooth, polished and burr-free piece. They are made from high quality natural beech wood which is totally safe for your babies.

    Material: Wood 

    Product size: Elephant:10*10.8cm,Lion:6.3*11cm,Fox:6.3*11.8cm,Bear:6.3*10.2cm,Giraffe:6.3*12.6cm,Deer:6.3*13.5cm

    Weight: 35g


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    ✅Top benefits of a teether :-

    1. Relieves and soothes teething pain
    2. Munching on the teether   encourages awareness, as they move their tongue to bite and chew. Faster natural jaws development will help them transit from liquid to solid foods better as they are encourages to chew.
    3. Holding onto the teether helps to develop their hand eye coordination and it also helps to keep the babies engaged, mentally stimulated, and busy.
    4. Different materials on the teether will also help develop the babies' awareness to difference senses. Each sensory experience builds different nerve connections in your baby's developing brain; it will help lay important foundations for learning later in life.

    ✅We have curated only highest quality teether made of safe and non-toxic material for your precious babies!

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    Handmade Animal Crochet Rattle / Teether, Baby Toy