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    Kabi Kitchen Play Set. Pretend Play Set. Wooden Kitchen Food Toy.

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    Introducing the Kabi Wooden Kitchen Toy Play Set - Ignite Your Child's Culinary Creativity!

    Unlock your child's imagination with the Kabi Wooden Kitchen Play Set, a delightful and educational toy that encourages little chefs to cook up endless adventures. Crafted with precision from high-quality wood, this kitchen toy playset is not just a toy but a gateway to a world of make-believe cooking.

    1. Realistic Stove and Sink: The Kabi kitchen toy play set features a wooden board complete with a stove and a sink, perfect for aspiring chefs to practice their culinary skills.

    2. Interactive Knobs: Your child can control the temperature with the interactive hot and cold water knobs, adding a touch of realism to their playtime cooking experience.

    3. Utensils and Food Items: This set comes with a selection of essential kitchen utensils and a variety of play food items, allowing your child to prepare, serve, and share imaginative meals.

    4. Salt and Pepper Shakers: Season to perfection! The included salt and pepper shakers add a fun, realistic touch to spice up your child's culinary adventures.


    - Creativity and Imagination: The Kabi Wooden Kitchen Play Set sparks creativity as your child dreams up recipes and stories in their make-believe kitchen.

    - Fine Motor Skills: Interactive features such as the knobs and utensils help develop fine motor skills, making it a valuable educational toy.

    - Social Skills: Encourage sharing and cooperation by inviting friends or family to join in the cooking fun, fostering social development.

    - Quality and Safety: Crafted with safety in mind, this wooden play set is made from non-toxic materials and built to last.

    Get ready to witness your child's culinary imagination come to life with the Kabi Wooden Kitchen Toy Play Set. Whether they're whipping up a feast or simply exploring the world of cooking, this toy will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Order now and let the kitchen adventures begin!

    Material: Wood

    Boxย size: 31*23*4 cm

    Material size: please refer to image

    Weight: 700g

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    Kabi Kitchen Play Set. Pretend Play Set. Wooden Kitchen Food Toy.

    $20.90 SGD
    $19.90 SGD