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    Korea Brand Goryeobaby. Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box

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    Discover the wonders of our new Korea Brand Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box - a captivating double-sided chalk board and white board. Crafted from quality New Zealand wood, this innovative box is perfect for early learning through magnetic puzzle play. Complete with 123 magnetic pieces, a marker, eraser, and chalks, it guarantees hours of fun and educational exploration!

    Step into the world of early learning with the Korea Brand Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box. This extraordinary toy is a must-have for any curious child, offering not just one, but two surfaces to unleash their creativity - a double-sided chalkboard and whiteboard. Made from top-quality wood imported all the way from New Zealand, this puzzle box ensures durability while providing endless fun. From drawing pictures to solving magnetic animal puzzles, this multifunctional wonder has got it all covered! And as an added delight, we've included a marker, eraser, and chalk, so you can dive into the imaginative realms of magnetic play right away. Grab hold of this incredible educational tool today and witness your little one's imagination soar like never before!

    • Encourage imaginative play and problem-solving skills with our Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box, featuring 123 animal magnet puzzle pieces
    • Foster creativity and learning with the double-sided chalkboard and whiteboard of our high-quality wood box from New Zealand
    • Promote fine motor skills' development as your child engages in magnetic play using the animal magnet puzzle pieces included in our Korea Brand Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box
    • Experience durability and longevity with our carefully crafted magnetic play box made from quality wood sourced from New Zealand


    Material: Wood
    Box size: 29.5*22.5*3.2*cm
    Product size: please refer to image
    Weight: 500g


    🎈1 wooden box

    🎈123 magnetic pieces

    🎈1 erasable marker, eraser, chalk 

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    Korea Brand Goryeobaby. Magnetic Animal Puzzle Box

    $22.90 SGD
    $17.90 SGD