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    TOI Logic Box Interstellar Travel - Magnetic Strategy Board Game. STEM Toy

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    Embark on an interstellar journey of logic and strategy with TOI Logic Box - the STEM toy that challenges your mind to reach for the stars.

    The TOI Logic Box Interstellar Travel board game is a groundbreaking STEM toy that challenges players to embark on an intergalactic journey through space and time. With magnetic pieces and intricate gameplay maze mechanics, this logical thinking challenge game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you strategies your way to victory. The TOI Logic Box is more than just a simple board game – it's an brain teasing experience that encourages critical thinking skills while providing hours of entertainment for all ages

    • Enhance logical thinking skills with TOI Logic Box Interstellar Travel
    • Magnetic Strategy Board Game
    • Engage in a challenging STEM toy experience with magnetic pieces and complex strategies to work your way through the mazes
    • Improve problem solving abilities while enjoying an interstellar adventure game
    • Develop critical thinking skills through the exciting gameplay of TOI Logic Box Interstellar Travel
    • Magnetic Strategy Board Game

    This is an advanced level of the TOI Logic Box challenge game. This creative game makes use of magnetic pieces to exercise children's logical & analytical thinking, observation & reasoning ability and spatial imagination. There are different stages of difficulty increases gradually, so that children can enjoy the fun of problem solving step by step. Initially, children are guided to stimulate interest. By the middle of the game, children can fully participate on middle-level hands on thinking. And gradually they will be simulated to achieve higher level logic and analytical ability. Through this game, children are cultivated to find a variety of ways to solve problems, exercising their logic, memory and observation skill.

    Although the game rules are easy to understand, there are infinite possibilities and children can gain different playing experience each time.

    Material of this puzzle is made of high and durable quality for lasting play. Edges are smooth and burr free for the safety and comfort of your kids.

    TOI is a specialised toy brand that focuses on children jigsaw and board games for children age 0-8 years old. They gathered designers from United States, Poland, France and China in their creations.

    Material: Paper, Magnets

    Product size: 23*19*2.7cm

    Weight: 0.6kg


    🎈Expansion chart

    🎈13 Magnetic pieces

    🎈1 manual

    🎈35 question cards ( double sided -> 70 questions)

    🎈1 box

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    TOI Logic Box Interstellar Travel - Magnetic Strategy Board Game. STEM Toy

    $32.90 SGD
    $17.90 SGD