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    Hydrophobic Magic Sand that does not get wet. STEM toy. Underwater sculpturing

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    Introducing our incredible Hydrophobic Magic Sand – a true marvel of science and play, available in five captivating colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue! This sand defies the laws of nature and promises hours of entertaining and educational fun.

    Power of Hydrophobic Magic Sand
    Our Hydrophobic Magic Sand is like no other sand you've ever encountered. Watch in amazement as it repels water and defies gravity. This incredible feature opens up a world of exciting experiments and play.

    Vibrant, Unchanging Colors
    Choose from a stunning palette of colors, including Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Each color remains as vibrant and captivating as the moment you first touched it, even when submerged in water.

    Endless Ways to Play
    Discover a multitude of engaging activities with our Hydrophobic Magic Sand:

    1. Underwater Sculptures:Create intricate underwater sculptures by shaping the sand beneath the water's surface. Watch as it holds its form, defying the conventional rules of physics.

    2. Magic Water Repellent Barrier: Experience the thrill of science as you pour water over the sand, only to see it miraculously bead up and roll off, leaving the sand perfectly dry.

    3. Educational Insights: Explore the principles of hydrophobicity and surface tension through interactive and hands-on experiments.

    4. Mind-Blowing Magic Shows: Astound your friends and family with water-defying tricks that seem like real-life magic.

    Safe and Reusable
    Our Hydrophobic Magic Sand is non-toxic, ensuring a safe and worry-free play experience. It's reusable, making it a fantastic addition to any science classroom, home laboratory, or as a unique gift for the curious minds in your life.

    The Perfect Gift for Science Enthusiasts
    Unleash the magic of science and creativity with Hydrophobic Magic Sand. It's a perfect gift for anyone intrigued by the wonders of the natural world and the limitless potential of science experiments.

    Video of how it works: click here

    Order your Hydrophobic Magic Sand today and prepare to be amazed as water becomes your playmate, not your enemy. Explore, experiment, and have hours of awe-inspiring fun with this extraordinary sand!

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    Hydrophobic Magic Sand that does not get wet. STEM toy. Underwater sculpturing