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    Magnetic Fridge Alphabets, Number, Transportation Early Learning

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    Unlock your child's potential with Mideer Magnetic Letters - the perfect tool for early learning and letter recognition, making every moment a magnetic opportunity for growth.

    Introduce your little ones to the world of letters and watch their imaginations take flight! The Mideer Magnetic Letters are an exceptionally crafted educational toy that serves as a complete learning tool for young minds. Your children will have endless fun creating words, spelling out their names or favorite quotes using these dynamic alphabet magnets. With its superior magnetic grip, each letter effortlessly attaches to fridges or other metallic surfaces so that your children can hone in on vital skills like letter recognition, language development and more - all while having a blast! Bring this incredible toy into your homes today and give them the best foundation possible for early learning success

    • Enhance Alphabet Recognition: Mideer Magnetic Letters are an excellent learning tool for children to recognize and memorize the alphabet
    • Early Learning Made Fun: The Fridge Alphabets set is a fun way for kids to learn and play with magnetic letters while developing their cognitive skills
    • Versatile Educational Toy: These alphabet magnets can be used on any magnetic surface, making them perfect for home or classroom use
    • Encourage Creativity & Imagination: With Mideer Magnetic Letters, kids can create words, phrases or even sentences using this colorful letter magnets
    • Providing endless opportunities for creative play

    These 26 alphabets features cute animals in vibrant colours, with matching animal names on them. This make learning words more fun and children tend to retain what they have learnt longer by using this associative memory method.

    Each magnet is large enough for little hands and has full magnetic back. They are built to be sturdy and durable for lasting play. These magnets can be used on many appliances such as white board, fridge, microwaves etc, making them a great and convenient teaching & learning tool for all. 

    Material: Paper, Magnets
    Product size: 18*9*4.5cm
    Weight: 0.3kg
    🎈26 alphabet magnets
    🎈1 box

    Shipping from Singapore


    Alphabet pieces are not just toys. Not only they are fun, but these letter manipulatives are important tool to teach your children letter recognition visually and set the literacy foundation of their reading and writing skills.

    Letter manipulatives give children a way to interact with the alphabet through hands-on play. They are able to feel the shape of the letter and arrange multiple letters to form letter strings or words, and not just see the difference between different letters. They can also see and touch the curves & lines that come together to form each letter.

    If your children are at the toddler to early elementary stage, these letter manipulatives can provide a wide range of play activities for your children to explore. 

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    Magnetic Fridge Alphabets, Number, Transportation Early Learning