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    Fridge Magnetic Numbers Early Learning Toy

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    Unlock the magic of numbers with MiDeer Magnetic Numbers - where learning meets playtime on your refrigerator door.

    Introducing MiDeer Magnetic Numbers, the perfect tool for early math learning! These fridge magnets combine fun and education to help children recognize numbers and build strong foundational skills in mathematics. Designed with bright colors and a child-friendly font, these number recognition toys engage your little ones' attention while refining hand-eye coordination skills that will aid them in school. Whether used as kindergarten math games or simple refrigerator magnets, MiDeer Magnetic Numbers are sure to keep your kids entertained while providing invaluable educational benefits. Give your children a head start with this fantastic educational toy today!

    • Enhance early learning: These magnetic numbers are perfect for children to learn and recognize numbers while playing
    • Fun kindergarten math games: Children can use these fridge magnets to practice basic math skills in a fun and interactive way
    • Convenient refrigerator magnets: The MiDeer Magnetic Numbers stick easily onto any metal surface, making them ideal for displaying on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces
    • Safe educational toy: Made from highquality materials, these number recognition toys are safe and durable for young children to play with without any risk of harm or injury

    These cute number magnets are designed with vibrant fruits and vegetables. These number magnets will make teaching math fun and easy, and keep kids focused. It's a great number recognition toys and kindergarten math games.

    Each refrigerator magnets is made from laminated UV film, grey board & soft magnet, durable and no unpleasant odour. The kids magnets are smooth and comfortable to grip and hold, no burrs, safe for little hands. This magnetic toys has met federal safety standards including ASTM F963-17 and CPSIA. Each magnet is large enough for little hands and has full magnetic back. They are built to be sturdy and durable for lasting play. These magnets can be used on many appliances such as white board, fridge, microwaves etc, making them a great and convenient teaching & learning tool for all. 

    Material: Paper, Magnets

    Product size: 18*9*4.5cm

    Weight: 0.3kg


    🎈26 fridge magnets

    🎈1 box

    Shipping from Singapore


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    Fridge Magnetic Numbers Early Learning Toy

    $12.90 SGD