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    Mini Mamas Rabbit Baby Soft Toy. Perfect Baby shower gift.

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    Wrap your little one in love with Mamas Rabbit, the adorable and huggable soft toy that makes for the perfect baby shower gift. Let this cuddly stuffed animal become your baby's new best friend!

    Made with premium quality materials and designed to be as cute as it gets, this soft toy is sure to provide endless hours of snuggly comfort. Whether you're looking for a baby shower gift or simply want to spoil your own little one, our Mama's Rabbit Baby Soft Toy is just what you need. With its adorable design and ultra-soft feel, this tiny stuffed animal will quickly become your child's go-to companion for playtime and nap time alike. So why wait? Treat your precious bundle of joy today with our delightful Mama's Rabbit Baby Soft Toy!

    • Perfect gift for infants as it provides them with a cute and cuddly companion to snuggle up to
    • Tiny in size; most suitable for newborn
    • Made of high quality materials, this stuffed animal is durable and can withstand plenty of love and playtime from your little one
    • Adorable design and soft texture

    Limited stock of this absolutely cute soft rabbit soft toy. It is a perfect gift for infants or mummies who had just given birth. Please drop us a note if you are buying it as a gift and we can arrange for gift wrapping with a message gift card accordingly.

    This cute soft toy is designed with great attention to detail. Colour pleasant to the eye. Fantastic soft toy or shower gift for the baby. Checkout our Singapore soft toy collection for more.

    Stuffed animals are more than just toys. Children personifies them by giving them names and pretend play with them. With this strong bonding with the toy, they learn new things like how to care, how to socialize, how to share and how to empathize with another person.Through this role playing, their communication and social skills are strengthened.

    ✅ Stuffed animals also provide children with comfort, confidence, companionship and an avenue for them to express their emotions and thoughts. A stuffed animal may be your children's best friend or a safety blanket or an audience or even a very agreeable partner in crime.


    Rabbit size: 22cm (including ears)

    Weight: 0.2kg

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    Mini Mamas Rabbit Baby Soft Toy. Perfect Baby shower gift.

    $5.90 SGD