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    Big Knob Handle Wooden Baby Toddler Children Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Unlock your child's potential with the Mideer Big Knob Handle Wooden Puzzle - crafted from quality wood to enhance fine motor skills one knob at a time.

    Introduce your child to the wonderful world of puzzles with Mideer's Big Knob Handle Wooden Puzzle. The puzzle features large wooden knobs that are perfect for little hands, helping to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Made from high quality wood, this sturdy puzzle is built to withstand hours of playtime while also enhancing your child's cognitive development. With its vibrant colours and engaging design, this puzzle provides a fun and educational activity. Get ready to watch your child’s problem-solving abilities soar as they work through each challenging piece!

    • Enhance fine motor skills: Mideer Big Knob Handle Wooden Puzzle is an excellent tool to improve hand eye coordination and dexterity in children
    • Durable quality wood: Made with high quality wood, this puzzle ensures longevity and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use
    • Easy grip knob handles: The wooden knob handles make it easy for small hands to grasp, promoting better control over movements while playing
    • Fun learning experience: This puzzle offers a fun way for kids to learn about shapes, colours, animals, and more while also developing problem solving skills

    These big wooden knob handle puzzles are perfect for young toddlers! The smooth and polished knobs are just nice for the little ones to grasp with their tiny fingers. Not only can they practise their fine motor skills, these puzzles can also enhance their observation skills. Care givers can further cultivate the creative side of the children by story telling or talking based on the puzzle scenes.

    The big pieces are thick and sturdy and the perfect size for young kids to manipulate. Puzzle is made from quality wood. Edges are burr free. Knobs are smooth, polished and securely fastened. The best gift for your child first puzzle. 

    Material: thickened cardboard paper, wooden knobs and tray

    Puzzle size: 29*22.5*2 cm

    Weight: 0.4kg


    🎈1 wooden tray

    🎈9 knobbed puzzle pieces

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Big Knob Handle Wooden Baby Toddler Children Jigsaw Puzzle