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    Double Sided Marble Maze. Fine Motor Skill development

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    Empower young minds with Mideers Double Sided Marble Maze, where wooden puzzles meet problem-solving prowess!

    Looking for a fun and educational game that helps develop critical thinking skills in your little ones? Look no further than the Mideer Double Sided Marble Maze! Made from high-quality wood, this puzzle game has been thoughtfully designed to promote problem-solving abilities amongst children.

    Its unique double-sided marble maze design provides hours of engaging entertainment while challenging kids to think outside the box as they work on solving each level. Plus, with its smooth and polished marbles and sleek wooden construction, it's certain to become a cherished toy in any child's collection. Order now for an exciting way to keep your child entertained while also helping them sharpen their problem-solving skills!

    • Enhances problem solving skills in children through a fun and engaging wooden puzzle game
    • Develops hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as kids manipulate the marble maze
    • Provides hours of screenf ree entertainment for kids, promoting creativity and imagination
    • Durable construction ensures long lasting use, making it an excellent investment for parents seeking educational toys

    This is a wooden puzzle game specially designed by Mideer for children to help to improve problem solving, enhance observation skill, logic thinking, focus training, increase concentration span and practise balance fine motor skill. To stimulate the desire for challenge. Different levels of difficulty, simple to complex, exciting and challenging.

    Children will benefit especially in these 4 abilities :

    OBSERVATION: Kids need to observe carefully to go out of the maze.

    CONCENTRATION: Kids need to be concentrated to prevent steel ball from falling into the barricades.

    THINKING: Kids need to plan the route reasonably to get the steel ball to the destination as soon as possible.

    BALANCE: Kids need to control the steel ball to keep it in balance.

    Material: Wood , ABS Plastic

    Product size: 11.2 diameter * 2 cm thick

    Weight: 200g


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    Double Sided Marble Maze. Fine Motor Skill development