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    Hidden Picture Children Jigsaw Puzzle with 3D glasses

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    Product description

    Unlock the fun and unveil the hidden magic with MiDeers 35-piece puzzle equipped with 3D glasses, perfect for little ones to enhance their fine motor skills while enjoying a thrilling game of discovery.

    Introducing the MiDeer Hidden Puzzle 35 pc with 3D glasses, a fun and interactive way for kids to exercise their fine motor skills while having fun! This puzzle game features hidden pictures that are revealed only when viewed through the accompanying 3D glasses. With vibrant colors and unique designs, children will be captivated by this puzzle's challenges. Perfect as both an educational toy or a simple pastime activity, this Hidden Picture Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity; get them the MiDeer Hidden Puzzle today!

    • Enhance your child's fine motor skills while having fun
    • Encourage creativity and imagination by solving puzzles with hidden picture game using 3D glasses
    • A perfect toy for children to engage in productive playtime, improving cognitive abilities and problem solving skills
    • Excellent gift option that promotes learning through entertainment, making it a win win situation for both parents and kids

    This is a fun, colourful and lively rich puzzle that encourages attention and curiosity with the use of 3D glasses. It is also a great family activity for parents to play with their kids. Children can develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, logical thinking and memory enhancement through this game. They are also encouraged to set goals and develop their patience in the process.

    Product features:

    • 【Find Where it is】-There are small items hidden puzzle for kids to spot. Name one object at random and ask your kid to find where it is using the 3D glass, which helps improve observation skills.
    • 【Skills & Abilities】-Kids try to figure out a faster way to finish the puzzle and spot various objects, which will foster their logical thinking, observation, and reaction as well as cognitive & concentration skills.
    • 【Thick & Durable】-Each piece is 3mm thick, durable and wear resistant. Each puzzle piece is 8.5cm * 11.2cm, large and easy to grasp for young toddlers
    • 【Smooth & No Burrs】-Each puzzle piece is smooth and burr-free, and so does the magnifying glass, encouraging safe hands-on play & learning fun.
    • 【Lovely & Colourful Designs】-This puzzle features brightly coloured, life-based designs, very appealing to little ones, with 2 options to choose from.

    Material: thickened cardboard paper

    Box Size: 25*25*5cm

    Finished puzzle size: 60*40cm

    Weight: 0.9kg


    🎈1 3D glass

    🎈35 piece puzzles

    🎈1 instruction manual

    🎈1 box

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Hidden Picture Children Jigsaw Puzzle with 3D glasses