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    Wooden Magnetic Fishing Board. Early Learning Fine Motor Skill Toy.

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    Reel in a love for learning with Mideer Magnetic Fishing Board - where magnetic puzzles and fine motor skills combine to create wooden wonders!

    Introducing the Mideer Magnetic Fishing Board, an innovative early learning toy designed to enhance your child's fine motor skills. This unique board comes with magnetic puzzles that challenge your little one to catch various sea creatures using a magnetic fishing rod. Made of high-quality wood, it is certain to last through countless hours of playtime! As they manoeuvre their fishing rod around the pieces, children can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity while having fun at the same time. The Mideer Magnetic Fishing Board is perfect for kids 3 years old and above who want a new way to learn with engaging activities that make educational play more enjoyable than ever before!

    • This early learning toy encourages imaginative play while enhancing cognitive abilities in a fun filled manner
    • Enhance your child's fine motor skills
    • Fun and engaging toy that promotes hand eye coordination
    • Perfect for introducing little ones to the world of fishing and aquatic creatures, sparking their curiosity about nature
    • Made of high quality wood material, it is durable and safe for kids to play with

    These big wooden magnetic puzzles are perfect for young toddlers! Not only can they practise their fine motor skills, these puzzles can also enhance their observation skills. Children can also learn about magnet and its properties through this game.

    Fine motor skills, coordination and balance are essential for child development. The development of these skills can help greatly with day-to-day activities. In addition, they help children to learn about cause and effects when he knocks down his structures! Learning balance also helps children develop better concentration needed for sitting and paying attention in class. 

    The puzzle is made from high quality natural solid wood which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each are smooth, polished and burr-free pieces.

    Material: thickened cardboard paper, wooden rod and tray

    Puzzle size: 25*25 cm

    Weight: 0.3kg


    🎈1 wooden tray

    🎈8 magnetic puzzle pieces

    🎈1 magnetic fishing rod

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Wooden Magnetic Fishing Board. Early Learning Fine Motor Skill Toy.

    $24.90 SGD
    $15.90 SGD