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    Road Tape Sticker and Urban Rail Transit Board Pretend Play

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    Unleash your imagination and let our Road Tape and Rail Board take you on a seamless journey through the urban jungle.

    The Road Tape and Urban Rail Transit Board are two innovative products that can significantly enhance the imaginative play experience of children. Perfect for kids who have a love for all things related to transportation, these toys foster creativity by allowing them to design their own miniature worlds filled with roadways and railways. The Road Tape is a high-quality adhesive tape that mimics blacktop roads, complete with dividing lines that run down its length. Children can easily peel off sections of this tape and stick them onto any flat surface they desire - be it tables, glass walls or floors. With this tape at their disposal, they can build intricate cities where multiple cars and trucks zoom about or create expansive rural landscapes where farm tractors meander through vast fields. On the other hand, The Urban Rail Transit Board comprises a sleek jigsaw like pieces imprinted with intricate road tracks overlaid over urban scenarios that allows young minds to engage in imaginary commuting around busy cities fully furnished with skyscrapers and traffic lights. Both providing hours of fun for your child's imagination! Checkout our Singapore pretend play toy collection for more options!

    • Enhance children's creativity and imagination by allowing them to create their own roads and rail transit systems with the our Road Tape and Urban Rail Transit Board
    • Develop fine motor skills as kids manipulate the tape to form different shapes, curves, and lines for their road or rail system
    • Encourage social interaction among children as they work together to design a collaborative transportation network using the our Road Tape and Urban Rail Transit Board
    • Our Road Tape is designed to be peel off with minimal sticky residue

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    Road Tape Sticker and Urban Rail Transit Board Pretend Play