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    Safe Silky Children Crayon. Art & Craft. Creative painting and colouring

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    Unleash your inner artist with Mideer Silky Crayons, where creativity meets a silky smooth colouring experience.

    Discover a whole new level of creativity with Mideer Silky Crayons. These vibrant and smooth crayons provide an unparalleled colouring experience for kids and adults alike. The unique silky texture allows for effortless blending, shading, and mixing to bring your artwork to life in ways you never thought possible before. Plus, they are incredibly easy to use - no more broken tips or frustration trying to sharpen them! Whether you're crafting a masterpiece or just scribbling away, Mideer Silky Crayons will elevate your art & craft game like never before

    • With their silky texture, these crayons are easy to blend and layer, enabling artists of all levels to create stunning artwork
    • The nontoxic formula ensures safe use by children and adults alike, making them ideal for art and craft projects at home or school
    • Mideer Silky Crayons come in a range of colours that inspire imagination and encourage exploration of different hues, shades and tones

    Unleash your child's creativity with Mideer Silky Crayons. With these crayons, one can explore different colouring experience such as crayon drawing, water colouring painting as well as finger painting.

    With a twist to turn feature (like a lipstick), all the colours go onto the paper and not on the fingers! These crayons are also easily washable from skin, furniture and fabric, and they come in 6, 12, 24 and 36 colours set to choose from.

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    Safe Silky Children Crayon. Art & Craft. Creative painting and colouring