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    Montessori Wooden Puzzle. Abacus & Rotating Letter Block

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    Introducing our Multi-functional Wooden Puzzle Board – the perfect tool to enhance your childs number sense and early math skills! With an abacus and rotating letter block, this Montessori educational toy is more than just a puzzle board. Its a multifunctional masterpiece that will keep your child engaged for hours on end

    Introducing our multi-functional wooden puzzle board, designed to enhance your child's number sense and early math skills while providing hours of educational fun. Our developers have included two key features in this design - an abacus and rotating letter block. Your little one will be able to complete a variety of activities using these two tools alone; from counting beads on the abacus to forming words with the rotating letter blocks. This not only stimulates their cognitive abilities but helps develop motor skills too. Perfect for Montessori learning techniques, our multi-functional puzzle board is a unique gift that both parents and kids are guaranteed to love!

    • Enhance your child's number sense and early math skills with this multifunctional puzzle board
    • The abacus and rotating letter block provide endless learning opportunities for young minds
    • Made from high quality wood, it is a durable Montessori educational toy that can last for years
    • With its compact size, it is perfect for on the go learning or as an addition to any playroom or classroom setting

     This is a specially designed multifunctional puzzle board. Children can learn to recognise simple arithmetic such as addition or subtraction using the traditional abacus. This help kids from 3 to 5 develop early math, counting, and logical thinking skills.

    ✅ Number sense is a person’s ability to understand, relate, and connect numbers. It is so important for your children because it promotes confidence and encourages flexible thinking. It allows your children to create a relationship with numbers and be able to talk about math as a language. 

    ✅ A strong number sense helps your children to build a foundation for mathematical understanding. If your children focus on developing their number sense at early grades, this will help them build the foundation needed to solve more complex problems at higher level. For your children to love mathematics, it all begins with a solid understanding of numbers.

    The wooden stand also acts as a holder to 5 rotating letter cubes. Along with 23 colourful and attractive illustration on the cards, children are more likely to be attracted by the interesting matching letter game. 

    This Montessori inspired educational toys helps children develop strategic thinking in the brain, greatly develop memory skills.

    The puzzle is made from high quality natural solid wood, which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each smooth, polished and burr-free piece can fit well into place. The puzzle is also coloured with non toxic water based stains which is safe for all.

    Material: Wood

    Box size:24.5*8*17cm

    Product size: puzzle stand14*23.3*6.8cm,card:14*8cm,rotating letter block:16*3cm

    Weight: 480g


    🎈1 wooden stand 

    🎈23 cards

    🎈5 rotating letter blocks

    🎈1 box

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    Montessori Wooden Puzzle. Abacus & Rotating Letter Block

    $35.90 SGD
    $25.90 SGD