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    Nattou. Belgium Soft Toy Brand. Baby Pink Hedgehog Pull Musical Stroller

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    Introduce your little one to the sweet melodies of Nattous Baby Pink Hedgehog Pull Musical Soft Toy Plushie - the perfect cuddly companion for moments of playtime and bedtime.

    Introducing the Nattou baby pink hedgehog pull musical soft toy plushie, a perfect addition to your little one's nursery or stroller. Made by the renowned Belgian brand, this cuddly and lovable stuffed animal is sure to become your child's constant companion. With its soothing melody and irresistibly soft texture, it will not only entertain but also comfort and calm your baby during their sleep time or playtime. The gentle pull of the plushie activates the musical feature along with colourful visual cues that stimulate sensory development for newborns and infants. Get this charming musical soft toy today and witness an endless love affair between your child and their new furry friend!

    • The Nattou Baby Pink Hedgehog Pull Musical Soft Toy Plushie is a cuddly and soft toy that will provide comfort to your little one
    • With its musical feature, this stuffed animal can help soothe babies to sleep while adding an element of fun to their crib or stroller
    • Made by the trusted Belgium brand Nattou, you can trust in the quality and safety of this adorable plushie for your baby
    • This versatile toy can be attached to a variety of surfaces such as strollers, cribs or cots making it perfect for on the go entertainment and comfort for your baby

    This super cute cuddly soft toy is designed with great attention to detail. Super soft to touch. Colour pleasant to the eye. With a pull feature, soft soothing musical music will create interest and stimulate baby's hearing and tactile development. The musical box is tucked amongst the softest of fillings and the tune will play until the pull has retracted. Fantastic soft toy or shower gift for the baby. 

    About Nattou

    Nattou is a Belgian brand of baby products that has specialised in the production of high-quality cuddly toys, educational toys, practical accessories and essentials for over 30 years. Nattou is Vegan certified and acquired the PETA-Approved Vegan logo. which means that Nattou doesn’t use any animal materials and doesn't conduct tests on animals.

    Stuffed animals are more than just toys. Children personifies them by giving them names and pretend play with them. With this strong bonding with the toy, they learn new things like how to care, how to socialize, how to share and how to empathize with another person.Through this role playing, their communication and social skills are strengthened.

    ✅ Stuffed animals also provide children with comfort, confidence, companionship and an avenue for them to express their emotions and thoughts. A stuffed animal may be your children's best friend or a safety blanket or an audience or even a very agreeable partner in crime.


    Product size: 20cm

    Weight : 150g

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    Nattou. Belgium Soft Toy Brand. Baby Pink Hedgehog Pull Musical Stroller

    $24.90 SGD
    $15.90 SGD