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    Sleeping Beauty ChildrenJigsaw Puzzle Gift Box

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    Piece together the magic of fairy tales with MiDeers Sleeping Beauty puzzle - a gift that will awaken your childs imagination and creativity!

    Introducing the enchanting MiDeer Sleeping Beauty Jigsaw Puzzle, perfect for young children who love fairy tales and puzzles. This 104-piece puzzle features a beautiful illustration from the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, complete with intricate details that will captivate little ones as they work to piece it all together. Packaged in its own portable gift box, this puzzle makes an ideal present for your child's next birthday or special occasion. Watch as their problem-solving and motor skills develop while they engage with this delightful toy that brings one of the world's most beloved stories to life

    • Encourages problemsolving skills and cognitive development through puzzle completion
    • Stimulates imagination and creativity with its fairy tale theme
    • Provides a fun, educational activity for children to enjoy alone or with friends and family
    • Comes in a portable gift box, perfect for onthego entertainment or as a thoughtful present for young ones

    Combining 7 princess from 7 fairy tales, children can recognise different characters based on their understanding of fairy tales and create new stories. This 104 piece puzzle will help children to develop an effective puzzle sequence and exercise their logical thinking ability. Theses familiar characters can attract children's attention, enhance their concentration in the puzzle and yet forms a playground for them to expand their imagination.

    The puzzle comes with an easy to open and close gift box with a firm clasp. This allows the children to put the puzzle back in the box; exercising the child's storage ability after they are finished with the puzzle. It also provides a clean, neat and tidy storage solution for the household.

    The puzzle pieces are 3mm thick for lasting and durable play. The edges are all smooth and burr free for the safety of your children. Reference picture with a manual is also included.

    This is a perfect gift for your own children or for others.

    Material: paper

    Box Size: 21.5*21.5*7.8cm

    Finished puzzle size: 70*40cm

    Weight: 940g


    🎈1 manual,

    🎈104piece puzzles

    🎈1 gift box

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Sleeping Beauty ChildrenJigsaw Puzzle Gift Box

    $29.90 SGD
    $17.90 SGD