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    Quiet Bouncy Ball. Noise Free. Stress Free

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    Experience the peace of play with MiDeers Noise-Free Bouncy Ball - soft, quiet and endlessly fun!

    Introducing the MiDeer Noise Free Quiet Bouncy Ball, a soft and silent ball that delivers the most fun without disturbing those around you. Unlike ordinary bouncy balls with loud thud sounds, this innovative creation is designed to produce minimal noise even when bounced vigorously against different surfaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, at home or in the office, users of all ages can now enjoy hours of entertainment without disrupting peace and quietness. Get your hands on this amazing ball today and experience a whole new level of bouncing thrill!

    • Enjoy peaceful playtime with the MiDeer Noise Free Bouncy Ball, designed to provide a soft and quiet experience
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, this ball's noisefree design won't disturb others around you
    • The MiDeer Quiet Bouncy Ball is made from highquality materials that ensure durability and longlasting fun
    • Ideal for use in shared spaces

    🎈Worry about neighbours complaining about the noise when your children play balls in the house? This quiet soft, fluffy yet bouncy ball is perfect for you and your family!

    Material: PU Foam

    Diameter: 18 cm

    Weight: 135g

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Quiet Bouncy Ball. Noise Free. Stress Free