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    Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers. Travel Toy on the Go

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    Unleash your childs creativity and imagination with MiDeer Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers - the fun, educational toy that sticks around!

    MiDeer Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers are a must-have for any creative and imaginative child. With their unique electrostatic technology, these stickers can be used again and again, making them the ultimate eco-friendly choice. Not only do they provide hours of fun, but they also serve an educational purpose by promoting fine motor skills development and encouraging children to use their imagination. These reusable stickers come in a variety of colourful designs that will spark your child's creativity and expand their horizons. Give your little one the gift of endless entertainment with MiDeer Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers!

    • Eco-friendly choice for parents, as they can be used again and again
    • Encourage creativity and imagination in children, allowing them to create their own scenes and stories
    • As an educational toy, these stickers help develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination while promoting learning through play
    • With a variety of designs available, MiDeer Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers offer endless entertainment for kids of all ages

    These reusable stickers are designed to allow your children toย create their own story background, promoting creativity and imagination and at the same time they can even try narrating their stories enhancing their communication skills.

    Choose from 4 different themes; Natural Animal, Transportation, Fun Life, Humanities.ย 

    • Extra-Large sticker activity pad.
    • Includes 4 colourful backgrounds and 110+ cling-style, repositioning stickers.
    • Removable background scenes. Reposition the stickers again and again.
    • Stick and re-stick, engage your child in this beautiful set of reusable stickers and background scene set. Get them to narrate their own story according to the stickers scene they created and have some FUN and INTERACTIVE bonding time!
    • Not satisfied with the scene? Simply peel off the stickers and start again.
    • Good on glass, mirrors and glossy surfaces
    • Kids can design a unique farm or natural world, also can make a story base on it.
    • Perfect educational toy for the little ones. Promotes fine motor skills and creative play.
    • Natural Animals: 200+ Stickers
    • Transportation: 110+ Stickers
    • Fun Life: 170+ Stickers
    • Humanities: 180+ Stickers

    Material: paper, PVC

    Box Size: 34*24*0.5cm

    Weight: 360g


    ๐ŸŽˆ4 colourful backgrounds

    ๐ŸŽˆ110+ cling-style repositioning stickers (Natural Animals: 200+ย , Transportation: 110+, Fun Life: 170+, Humanities: 180+)

    ๐ŸŽˆ1 sticker activity pad

    ๐ŸŽˆ1 box

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Reusable Electrostatic Kids Stickers. Travel Toy on the Go