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    Sensory Mirror Ball Tactile Exploration Relaxation Therapy

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    Enhance your senses with the mesmerising magic of sensory mirror balls - where reflections become therapy and play becomes stimulation.

    Introducing our captivating Sensory Mirror Balls! These unique balls offer a world of sensory exploration and reflection, perfect for individuals seeking new ways to stimulate their senses. Whether you are looking for a fun way to engage in reflective play or seek the therapeutic benefits of mirror ball therapy, these sensory gems are sure to impress. Their smooth surface offers tactile stimulation while reflecting light in mesmerising patterns that can captivate your attention and improve your sensory processing abilities. Add them to any space and enjoy hours of engaging sensory reflections with these amazing Sensory Mirror Balls!

    • Mirror ball therapy can help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety by creating calming reflective play environments
    • The tactile stimulation provided by the smooth surface of the mirror balls can enhance fine motor skills' development in children while providing hours of fun
    • Sensory reflections from these beautiful objects offer an opportunity for visual stimulation and exploration, making them perfect for use in sensory rooms or as part of therapeutic interventions
    • Boost creativity: These shiny balls can inspire imaginative play and encourage children to explore their surroundings in new ways
    • Versatile use: They can be used in various settings such as classrooms, therapy rooms or at home for both individual or group activities enhancing social interaction skills

    Feel free to read our blog on more details on this sensory mirror ball therapy for children!

    Size : Diameter 10cm
    Price is for 1 ball.
    Tip: Best to get multiple for most ideal effect 

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    Sensory Mirror Ball Tactile Exploration Relaxation Therapy