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    Premium High Quality Large Sensory Play Tray

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    Product description

    Explore the upgraded sensory experience with our ABS Montessori plastic Sensory Play Tray, taking playtime to a whole new level!

    Introducing our upgraded Montessori Sensory Play Tray, designed to provide children with endless hours of stimulating and educational play. Made from top-quality ABS plastic, this tray is both durable and easy to clean - perfect for messy playtimes! With a large surface tray area, there's plenty of room for multiple children to explore their senses together. The elevated rim contains any spills or mess, whilst the smooth surface allows for easy movement of toys and materials. Ideal for use with sensory items such as sand, water beads or slime - this tray promotes open-ended play and imaginative exploration. This versatile tray can accommodate everything from water and sand to slime and paint - making it perfect for indoor or outdoor playtime.

    So why settle for ordinary toys when you can give your child an extraordinary experience with our premium Montessori Sensory Play Tray! Whether you choose our standard version or opt for the upgraded model, your child will be able to immerse themselves in a world of sensory exploration as they touch, feel, scoop and pour their way through various materials.

    • Both versions of the tray offer the same large 40cm surface area for extended playtime and is made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring long lasting use
    • Provides a fun and interactive way to engage with sensory materials while promoting fine motor skills development
    • Offer endless possibilities for imaginative play, encouraging children to explore their senses through tactile experiences
    • Incorporating the use of our Sensory Play Trays into educational settings has shown to improve focus, attention span, and overall academic performance in young learners
    • Helps develop creativity, and imagination while providing a calming sensory experience
    • Easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal addition to any classroom or home setting for hours of educational entertainment

    There are many similar products in the market but rest assured that ours are of the most premium quality. Our sensory play tray has EU CE certification, national standard food-grade plastic certification, and Korean KC certification (KC certification number: CB061R7049-2001, can be verified on the Korean government website).

    Difference between standard and upgraded version
    They are exactly same in size and both using ABS plastic material. The only difference is that upgraded version has a rating of 10 in terms of hardness & strength and manufactured using the top notch grade 1 ABS material while the standard version has a rating of 6 and manufactured using the new HIPS ABS material.

    Material: ABS Free, Phthalate Free, Food Grade ABS Plastic

    Product size: Diameter 40cm*9cm

    Weight: 4.7kg


    🎈1 tray cover with anti slip lining (which can double up as shallow sensory play)

    🎈1 deep tray with anti slip lining

    🎈6 triangular compartments

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    Premium High Quality Large Sensory Play Tray