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    Wooden Shoe Lace Threading. Early Learning Toy for Toddler

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    Step up your little one's skills with Wooden Shoe Lace Threading - the playful way to master fine motor and shoe tying!

    Introducing the Wooden Shoe Lace Threading toy, perfect for toddlers who are learning how to tie their shoes. This charming wooden shoe toy not only serves as a fun plaything, but it also helps develop fine motor skills in your little one. Our threading toy is sure to keep your child entertained while they learn this valuable skill. Crafted with durable materials that can withstand hours of playtime, this Wooden Shoe Lace Threading toy is an excellent investment that will benefit your child's development 

    • Wooden Shoe Lace Threading toy helps toddlers learn the essential skill of shoe lace tying, making them more self sufficient
    • It improves fine motor skills and hand eye coordination in young children while keeping them entertained for hours
    • Made from high quality wood, this toy is durable and safe to use by kids of all ages
    • This wooden shoe toy provides a fun way for parents to bond with their little ones while teaching them an important life skill

    Are you forever on your knees tying your kids' shoe laces? This is the perfect tool for children to practise tying shoe laces. They are refine their fine motor skills, be creative in learning the different ways of shoe lace tying. 

    Threading is a great way to strength the children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The development of good fine motor skills can help greatly with day-to-day activities. It also helps children develop better concentration and focus needed 

    And our shoe lace threading toy is made from high quality natural solid wood which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each are smooth, polished and burr-free pieces. Being light weighted, it is easy for children to handle. 

    Material: Wood

    Product size: Children shoe:18*7cm,Baby shoe:15*8cm

    Weight: Children shoe:51g,Baby shoe:45g


    🎈1 pair of wooden children/ baby shoe

    🎈1 pair of shoe laces

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    Wooden Shoe Lace Threading. Early Learning Toy for Toddler