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    Singapore edition shakable souvenir keychain

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    Introducing our exclusive Shakable Keychain Souvenir - Singapore Edition by Happi Bebe, a fusion of artistic brilliance and cultural richness that captures the essence of the Lion City! This limited edition comes in two captivating versions, each adorned with original graphics of Singapore's iconic landmarks.

    The first version showcases the majestic Merlion, the symbol of Singapore's heritage and a source of national pride. The second version features the renowned Singapore Flyer, an architectural marvel that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Both versions boast a mesmerising cityscape on the back, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

    What sets this souvenir apart is the collection of the mini shakables, each intricately designed to represent elements of Singapore's vibrant food scene, iconic landmarks, cultural heritage, and traditions. From the iconic shop houses to the tantalising satay skewers, every miniature element exudes the charm and diversity of Singapore.

    Crafted with precision and creativity, these original graphics from Happi Bebe make this keychain a unique keepsake for tourists and a heartfelt parting gift for those bidding farewell to the Lion City. The shakable feature adds an element of playfulness, making it an engaging and memorable accessory for anyone. It also comes with a gift box and a accessories cling wrap display frame.

    Whether you're a local proud of your heritage or a visitor seeking a meaningful memento, this Shakable Keychain Souvenir is a perfect blend of artistry and cultural representation. Share the spirit of Singapore with your family and friends, and let them carry a piece of this vibrant city wherever they go – a thoughtful and visually stunning token that transcends boundaries and preserves the memories of this dynamic city-state.

    Comes with gift box and accessories cling wrap display frame

    Product size: 8 cm

    Shipping from Singapore

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    Singapore edition shakable souvenir keychain