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    Spelling Educational Game Book with magnets and erasable marker

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    Unleash the power of words with our Spelling Game Book – a magnetic adventure for creative learning and interactive play!

    Welcome to the land of spelling fun and magnetic play! Get ready to boost your little one's language skills with our Spelling Game Book. This interactive learning tool is designed to promote creativity, language development, and letter recognition through a series of exciting spelling challenges. Equipped with a magnetic board, erasable marker, and an array of colorful letter magnets, this educational game provides endless hours of engaging word-building activities. Whether it's practicing spelling or honing writing skills, our Spelling Game Book offers a delightful way for children to enhance their literacy skills while having a blast. With its compact size, captivating image on the cover, and lightweight design, this magnetic playset is perfect for on-the-go learning adventures! Discover the joy of language enrichment with our innovative Spelling Game Book today!

    • Enhance language skills and literacy with this interactive Spelling Game Book, combining creative learning and word building through magnetic fun
    • Boost your child's letter recognition and spelling practice with the included erasable marker and letter magnets on the magnetic board
    • This educational toy serves as a valuable learning tool for language development, offering engaging spelling challenges and writing practice activities
    • Provide hours of educational entertainment with this versatile Spelling Game Book that offers a wide range of language activities for enriching your child's vocabulary

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 300g


    🎈1 erasable marker

    🎈54 letter magnets

    🎈spelling book with 8 double coloured sided with questions and answers 

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    Spelling Educational Game Book with magnets and erasable marker

    $12.90 SGD