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    STEM Science Kit. Build you own Internal Organs. Anatomy comparison

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    Discover the Wonders of Life with Our STEM Science Kit: Build Your Own Internal Organs

    Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of anatomy and biology with our STEM Science Kit. With the power of hands-on learning, this kit allows you to explore the internal organs of both humans and fish, unlocking a realm of scientific discovery. Here's what's included in this comprehensive kit:
    Build Your Own Organs:
    - 1 Human Organ Case Mould
    - 2 Fish Organ Case Moulds
    - 2 Human Body Moulds
    - 2 Fish Body Moulds
    Vibrant and Versatile Clay:
    - 2 White Clay
    - 2 Yellow Clay
    - 2 Blue Clay
    - 2 Red Clay
    Unlock the Secrets of Life
    - 1 Study Guide

    Product Description:

    Anatomy Comparison: Human vs. Fish
    This STEM Science Kit is your gateway to understanding the intricate world of anatomy. Explore the similarities and differences between human and fish internal organs, gaining a deeper appreciation for the diversity of life on our planet.

    Hands-On Exploration:
    Unleash your inner scientist as you mould and create the various organs and body parts. Dive into the heart, lungs, liver, and more, and compare how these structures differ between humans and fish. The tactile experience of crafting your own organs provides a unique, hands-on understanding of biology.

    Educational Fun:
    Our kit is designed with education in mind. The study guide included provides valuable insights into the anatomy of both species, offering explanations, facts, and thought-provoking questions to stimulate young minds. It's an ideal tool for teachers, parents, and curious learners alike.

    Versatile and Safe Materials:
    The clay included in this kit is safe, non-toxic, and easy to work with, making it suitable for young scientists. The moulds and materials are reusable, ensuring that the learning experience is ongoing and sustainable.

    The Perfect Gift for Inquisitive Minds:
    Inspire a love for science and the human body with this STEM Science Kit. It's a thoughtful gift for aspiring biologists, future doctors, and anyone with a passion for exploration and discovery.

    Open the door to a world of scientific wonder and embark on a journey through the human and fish anatomy. Order your STEM Science Kit today and watch young minds blossom with the fascination of the natural world!
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    STEM Science Kit. Build you own Internal Organs. Anatomy comparison

    $12.90 SGD