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    The World Of Eric Carle Children Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Discover the joy of learning with MiDeers Eric Carle puzzle collection - where beginner-friendly animal puzzles come to life!

    Welcome to the exciting world of Eric Carle with MiDeer's The World Of Eric Carle Puzzle. This puzzle is perfect for young beginners who are looking to explore and develop their cognitive skills through vibrant animal puzzles. With its high-quality materials and charming illustrations, this puzzle set takes you on an adventure where you will encounter many beloved animals from Eric Carle's books. It stimulates learning while bringing joy into your child's routine and making the playtime a lot more fun! Invest in your kid's development by introducing them to the fantastic world of puzzles today, with MiDeer - The World Of Eric Carle Puzzle!

    • Eric Carle puzzle designs are visually captivating and foster creativity in children
    • Animal puzzles promote cognitive development, problem solving skills, and handeye coordination
    • Beginner friendly pieces make it easy for young ones to assemble the puzzle on their own
    • The MiDeer World of Eric Carle Puzzle is a fun way to bond with your child while encouraging learning through playtime

    Almost every kid and adults loves the fun and colourful artwork of Eric Carle! And this puzzle features his famous characters from his award winning book! 

    For My First Puzzle, there are 51 pieces making up 10 animal puzzles, like fish, bird, goose, snake, pig, peacock, sheep, bear, and more. With lovable animals on one side and the corresponding animal name and colour name on the other side, this set, beginner friendly, enables kids to learn about animals and colours.

    Each puzzle has been carefully designed to ensure children get plenty of visual clues to help them assemble the pieces, helping to build their confidence and encouraging them to move onto other larger piece counts. Start with the 3 piece puzzle and move onto the 4 and 5 piece puzzles once your youngster has started to understand the concept of piecing together the different scenes. You can see how your kid get more confidence and comfortable from completing 3 piece to 8 piece puzzle. In additional, children also learn the name of the animal and the colour at the back of the puzzle. 

    The big pieces are thick and sturdy and the perfect size for young kids to manipulate. The best gift for your child first puzzle. 

    For the Colour Match Puzzle, there are 10 pieces of double sided puzzles that matches each colour animal to the corresponding colour word.

    For the 48pc floor puzzle, each puzzle piece is approx 8*8cm , forming a gigantic floor puzzle of 70 * 46.6 cm.


    Material : Paper

    Box Size: please refer to image

    Weight: 800g-1kg


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    The World Of Eric Carle Children Jigsaw Puzzle