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    Topbright Ice Cream Math Learning Toy, Montessori Inspired kitchen

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    Indulge their curiosity with a scoop of math and a sprinkle of Montessori inspiration.

    For those looking to instil early numeracy and motor skills in their children, look no further than the Topbright Ice Cream Math Learning Toy. Inspired by the Montessori method of learning, this toy offers a unique opportunity for youngsters to engage with math concepts through hands-on interaction. Designed with an array of brightly coloured ice cream cones and scoops, each scoop from 1-10 is represented by different coloured pieces that must be matched up correctly for full completion. Children will also learn about simple additional using the ice cream scoops using hands on activity promoting learning through fun and play. Beyond its educational value, what sets this product apart is its emphasis on quality construction and child safety.

    • Encourages early learning: The Topbright Ice Cream Math Learning Toy is designed to promote early math skills and cognitive development in young children
    • Montessori-inspired design: This toy follows the principles of the Montessori method, which emphasises hands-on learning through play-based activities
    • Improves fine motor skills: With its various pieces and parts that need to be assembled, this toy helps improve a child's dexterity and hand-eye coordination
    • Fun and engaging: Children will love playing with this colourful ice cream set while also developing important skills that will benefit them as they grow older

    Material: Plastic, Paper
    Box size: 41.2*20*8cm
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    Topbright Ice Cream Math Learning Toy, Montessori Inspired kitchen

    $25.90 SGD