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    Translucent see through letters and numbers. Early Learning Toy

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     Introducing our captivating Translucent Letters and Numbers Toy Set, made from high-grade ABS plastic, designed to delight and educate your child while fostering creativity and imagination. This educational toy includes both capital and small letters, as well as numbers, providing endless learning opportunities.

    Crafted with precision, these translucent characters come in four vibrant and randomly selected colours: red, yellow, blue, and green, adding an element of surprise and excitement to each set. Watch as your child's eyes light up when they explore these colourful, see-through letters and numbers.

    Versatile in play, this set can be enjoyed on its own, allowing kids to explore letter recognition and counting skills. For added enchantment, pair it with a light board or light table, and see the characters come to life with a magical glow. The translucent design enhances visual engagement and provides a unique sensory experience for young minds.

    Our Translucent Letters and Numbers Toy is perfect for early childhood development, promoting letter and number recognition, fine motor skills, and endless imaginative play. Whether your child is learning independently or with friends, this set will spark their curiosity and pave the way for a brighter, more educational playtime.

    Give your child the gift of learning and fun with our Translucent Letters and Numbers Toy Set. Watch them discover, explore, and create, all while enjoying hours of entertainment and education. Order yours today and witness the magic of letters and numbers in the world of play.

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Tub size: 10 cm diameter *18.5cm

    Product size: approx 4.5cm

    Weight: Tub: 282g


    Tub: 🎈Capital letter A-Z, small letters A-Z, numbers 1-10 symbols +,-,= (all in random colours of red, blue, yellow and green

    Red Capital Letters: 🎈Capital letter A-Z in red colour

    Blue Capital Letters: 🎈Capital letter A-Z in blue colour

     For A4 LED board : 33.5 * 23.5 cm , 5V , 4W , 20 LEDs, 280g , USB charging , 4000 Lux

     For A3 LED board : 40 * 33 cm, 5V , 5.6W , 38 LEDs, 520g, USB charging, 4000 Lux

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    Translucent see through letters and numbers. Early Learning Toy