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    Whale Color and Shapes Sorting Toy. Montessori inspired Wooden Puzzle

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    Looking for a captivating and educational wooden puzzle Singapore toy to engage your child's imagination? Our Whale Color and Shapes Sorting Montessori inspired toy is the perfect choice! This innovative wooden toy combines learning and fun, making it an excellent addition to your child's playtime.

    Explore Shapes and Colours: Start by introducing your child to the delightful wooden blocks and vibrant colour cards. These colourful cards fit perfectly under the wooden blocks, creating various colour shapes. Dive into a world of shapes and hues by teaching your child the names of different shapes and colours.

    Interactive Learning: Encourage your child to actively participate by naming shapes and colours as you present them with the cards and blocks. It's a two-way learning Montessori inspired experience where you both explore and discover together.

    Progressive Play Levels:

    1. *Get the Correct Color Shape*: Begin with the "Get the Correct Color Shape" level. In this stage, your child matches the right card to the corresponding shape, guided by your cues. For example, you can ask them to find the "red circle" and watch as they select the red card and the circle-shaped block. Repeat this process until they grasp the concept and can create any color shape they desire.

    2. *Shape and Color Challenge!*: As your child's skills grow, introduce the "Shape and Color Challenge!" level. Here, they must sort wooden blocks by shape and cards by color in a specific sequence. The included instruction cards guide them through this thrilling challenge, encouraging focus and attention to detail.

    3. *Speed Challenge*: For added excitement and a higher level of play, challenge your child to complete the sequence challenge within a set time frame. You can use an hourglass or stopwatch for an extra element of fun.

    Throughout this engaging activity, provide positive reinforcement and praise to boost your child's confidence and learning experience. With the Whale Color and Shapes Sorting Montessori inspired Toy, your child can enjoy hands-on fun while developing essential shape and colour recognition skills. Make learning an adventure they'll cherish with this delightful educational toy. Order yours today!

    Material: Wood

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 400g

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    Whale Color and Shapes Sorting Toy. Montessori inspired Wooden Puzzle

    $18.90 USD